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What's happening?

All of these days and maybe a week or so since you've last heard from me, I've been planning my music videos. Everything isn't going in the sequence of which I imagined, but everything is going smoothly. I'm working on the song Friendistry first because I like the feel of this song. It's a word that I made up that's a combination of Friend and Chemistry. My Bahamian buddy who studied film making decided that he would direct this music video. The most heart breaking thing about projects of this magnitude is the ability for a person to trade services because of the lack of a substantial budget. In this exchange of services, one must realize that all human beings aren't kind or believe in reciprocation. Even in the instance when friends, colleagues or family members aren't as giving as you predicted they would or should be, the heart must be able to forgive. Life is only a game. First and foremost, we are here for each other.

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