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I'm writing an autobiography Musical

For the past two weeks, I was reflecting on how I can improve my offerings to you. How do I improve my offering to me by using every bit of what I am imagining. I this two weeks reflection, I recognized that I wanted to combine my skillsets, singer songwriter and scripwriter, so I decided to write a musical. And boyohboy, I took about five days and I wrote the script with the songs. At some point, my head started hurting me. The first song idea that aligned itself with some of the experiences I went through being dark skinned and trans, is what I went with. All of my experiences, I sang my way through them. I knew it would be a wholehearted idea to venture into. Without hesitation, I recognized I had to see it through. I wrote for five days straight.

The first day I wrote ten pages and then my work schedule increased, so the energy I had to contribute to my initial goal, to write ten pages a day, could not be accomplished. However, I recognized that twenty strong pages of a musical along with 3 minute songs in between might do the job. There are ten songs. This is the first draft, so there will be more drafts.

I can proudly say, I have a team of creatives. A ten year old creative, Annie, a character and style designer, content creator and they are about to launch a lemonade stand. Upcoming visual artist, and tattoo designer, Izabella, whose paintings are a burst of love on a canvas. Korbin, A tenth grader who is studying theatre and audio and lastly Powel, a drummer and sign designer who is passionate about designing toys. This is the team.

You might be wondering, if I have anyone that reads these blogs, what is the name of the musical. The name of the musical is Wayward Zee, like WZ. I've been wanting to rename myself WaywardZee as a singer songwriter, but I don't move until I here go from my spirit, mind and body when it comes to what I create. Why Wayward Zee? How I approach the world is very direct, honest and authentic, no matter what it causes me. In this day in time, this personality type if not around people who are also led by the need to uphold a moral construct, can be seen as wayward.

I would be remiss if I do not mention Amanda. Who is Amanda? Everytime I meet a lover, a new friend, an animal, a family member that inspires me, my life's potential is heightened. My musical talent grows, the universe calls for my potential to manifest something new and refreshing. This is what Amanda represents to me. They are a breath of fresh air. They are giving me the support I need to stay clear headed. The love I need to forget the trauma, the rejection, the unacceptance and the hardships caused by inconsistent employment. Thank you Amanda for being there for me. My love for you is undeniable. Let's take this love walk unapologetically.

I'll be updating my website to better reflect what I believe Wazik means. Wach Muzik, the english translation is Watch Music. I didn't see where this name was taking me before. I thought, I wanted a space to show my videos and share my music. After reading an amazing book, I realized how I could bring these talents together.

Of course you're interested in my life, you are here. That's not me being boastful. I'm being aware that I am loved by God, by you, by the animals, by the stars and by family and friends. Thank you for loving me.

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