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Covid 19 impact

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I live alone, so Covid 19 had me asking questions like am I going to die alone, what do I really love, when am I going to have sex again, who are my real friends, why do people seem to not like me. I was basically in my feelings. I am still in my feelings. Here are my answers to those questions that I approached from the most optimistic perspective.

Yes, I might not find a romantic love. However, I do have really good friends and family. I'll masturbate and have sex with myself at some point. My real friends are my sister, my grand ma, my mother, Santo, Michelle and there are a few people that are growing on me. My dad and I will forever have an understanding. People seem to not like me because I speak my mind all the time. I believe that once you are responsible for generating your own income, nobody can determine what you say. I don't mind not being liked because what's important is that care for people and love myself. I really love to produce music, to play my guitar, to write songs and to dance. I most of all look forward to when an audience listens to my music and tell me they've heard. Even if they don't like it, I can get down with that too. I wish and hope that during this time in our lives when everything is changing, that we remain safe and remember to connect with loved ones, we remember that life is more important than finding a romantic relationship

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