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Zee's Musical Journey

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

All I've been living, eating, drinking and breathing is my new project, Rhythm and Revolution. Even though the name of my project does not entirely encompass all of the songs that will be covered, I think this theme does justice to my project. I've been one of those musicians that have been super critical of everything I do. I'm proud of my music but I like meaningful, tasteful, well written music. My fans have been waiting on me, I believe patiently to come to grips with who I am as a musician, so I owe them a project with good quality.

I recorded nine songs on Saturday, March 3rd at Morph Productions. I initially recorded all of my songs at my home studio, but I wasn't getting the quality of vocal recordings that I knew I needed to give to this project. I booked the time with Ashton at Morph Productions and I recorded seven songs in one two hour session. I wanted that live feel for Rhythm and Revolution. I have finally created a project of which I am proud.

Getting the project the exposure it needs to gain some type of momentum before it is officially launched is my goal.

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